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So I recently got my Quadra 605 from eBay,

See? There it is.

It is having issues power on. What I did first(of course) is hit the power switch, it starts up the hard drive, makes the startup sound, and does nothing from there on. Nothing appears on the screen, hard drive makes no noises(indicating is being read from). I then flip the switch off for 1 second then flip it back on, makes startup sound, starts hard drive, etc. Then it starts to boot up(screen comes up, smiley Mac, hard drive making noises).

I did notice that when I picked it up, something was rattling around inside the case. So I open it up to see what it is. It happens to be one of the surface mount capacitors. The pins were fine, and the component didn't look damaged. I eventually found the location of where it came off (C161, near expansion port). So I soldered it back on, and it still has the same issues powering up. What could be the problem???

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I recommend a new battery, and a startup with cmd.-opt.-P-R held down to refresh the PRAM is worth trying.
If you have an external SCSI drive to start from (cmd.-opt.-shift-DEL) try this next - even if it is a CD.
The "C" command will not work on that one.
I guess you should try a version of 7, but possibly the 605 needs an enabler from the Apple site (for free).
There are a few other sites providing it - google for it then.
Yup, these pizza boxes just won't start up with a working PRAM battery. There's also a possibility that the power supply isn't providing enough power to fully start up. Apple nickel and dimed these power supplies during that period.

Reading the service guide for the Q605... Interesting enough, according to Apple, the LC475 and Q605 used the exact same logic board service replacement part. The only difference from the service tech's perspective is that, if he was servicing a Q605, he had to slip on a jumper at location J18. I have no idea what would've happened if he didn't do this.
As this is definitively the same board as the 475 (or 476), you can use "extended" formatted disks with 8.1 only.
Later systems will not run with it; earlier (7 and 8.0) will not recognize disks other than Mac "standard".
turn it on then off and then on and off and on in quick succession you should get display

if so, replace the 3.6v tardian half AA battery
Oh yes, I forgot this. It worked on my Classic II, only showing a few vertical stripes shortly after arrival.
This nice little guy must have been stored for several years. I managed to open it, turned the battery a few times, and started the computer. Then I let it run for one or two hours (although it didn't), started up again - there he was:
A happy Mac.




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