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Check this out, pretty cool find! WAY too much money if you ask me though. It was $6,000 last week, now it's down to $1,000. Maybe if get it for $200, but it's pretty rare.

Let me know what you guys think about it!

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That's really awesome, luck score too! Thanks again for sharing. Would you consider doing a YouTube video on it so we can see it in action?

OK, so $100 is a reasonable deal. Thanks!

Wow, thanks for sharing JustSomeGuy!

My pleasure.  The Juiced.GS journal did an article on the TLC back in 2011:

Well I have something that is pretty cool to add to this Tiger Learning Computer Thread I have a complete brand new in box Tiger Learning Computer with all paperwork and cable included maybe the only one on the internet showing it. FYI the back of the computer where the connectors are has a flip cover which is almost missing in most loose Tiger Learning Computer. I bought mine for $20. Enjoy the Pics :)

The Pics are on the Top sorry for the rest of my Video Game collection pics trying to update

Well, clicking the link shows "blkodirty's images are not publicly available.".

Ok fixed problem my imgur album is now set to public so you guys can access pics. Thanks Abe

Wow, this for $20? Does it work?




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