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Thinking of trying this, but am confused about getting the software on the Pi.
Do you connect a usb floppy drive to the Pi to load the software?
Does it get loaded onto the SD card?


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Just to clarify, do you already have the pi booting mini vMac and are looking to get mac software on it?

In planning stages. Need to get the rom from one of my Pluses.
I assume I would download the mini v Mac software onto the Pi. But to get the ROM copied to the Pi, it needs to be copied onto a 800k floppy, then transferred to a 1.4 floppy so the Pi can receive it? Also assuming it can read a floppy drive.
All the instruction say to transfer the software to the Pi, but don't say how. So I'm guessing it's via floppy disks.
Thus my confusion.

Well to be perfectly honest, even though I own several MacPluses, I took the easy route and downloaded the ROM. IF you do a google search it's pretty easy to find. That way you can downloaded it directly to the pi!

Ahh. That would make things a lot easier!




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