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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know I am entering the retrochallenge 2009.

My choice of project is a strange one to say the least..

My challenge in essence is to finally work out how many Mac's I have!!

So make your guess, and keep an eye out at I will have fired up info there in the next week on how the story goes and will keep you updated on my retromaccast page.

P.S Anyone that cares to guess the number of macs and accessories I have reply to this thread. I estimate macs is between 150 and 300 and accessories (manuals, mice, printers, etc) I have absolutely no idea! So guess away and keep an eye out!


Adrian aka MacMedic :)

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I've been taking part in Retro Challenge 2009 too. I'm primarily working with my Game Boy Camera.
Well i thought i'd let everyone know this was a failure. I was very sick in July and business has been keeping me so involved that between getting back from Europe, to having staff with the flu it didnt get done.

Oh well, Hopefully soon!
There's always RC 2010. :-)




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