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Retro Mac Sighting in Watchmen Film - No Spoilers!

Watchmen comes out on Friday in theaters. According to Gizmodo there is a retro Mac that has been spotted in the film. It must be a custom model, but it definitely is a Mac. It is just one of those little details that makes the dystopian 1980's of the graphic novel seem all the more real.

Sidenote: Even if the film adaptation of Watchmen can't live up to the graphic novel (it won't...), it can't be as bad as the Saturday morning cartoon.

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Whoever made it - a great job.
BTW - which kind of a keyboard is it ?
That Mac was provided to the film by the DigiBarn! I don't remember if we mentioned that during our series on the DigiBarn last year.
I believe you did.
That is one sweet looking SE/30. I especially love the screenshot in inverse colors. :-p




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