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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let people know I am starting to offer a service to repair and refurbish Mac Portable logic boards.

As many people now, and more don't, the Electrolytic capacitors are leaking and damaging most mac's made between 1989 and 1994.

I have been working tirelessly on my Mac Portable collection of both Backlit and non-backlit and have become very competent at not only retrofitting all the capacitors but repairing the associated damage that causes errors like sad macs, bad backlighting, keys not working, no sound and other symptoms.

I will be offering the service for $199AUD which will be a clean, and full re-fit of capacitors (where possible they are replaced with tantalums which will not leak in the future). I will even attempt to repair dead boards for this price, but there is no charge unless its successful.

All proceeds will go towards retrofitting my entire collection, which is going to run into a very expensive and time consuming task.



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Hi Macmedic,

Is this service still available?






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