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Hi James & John,

I just wanted to make a suggestion regarding the RMC website. This is
actually something that keeps me from coming here more often, maybe
others feel the same way. So if you're planning to do a redesign in the
near future I'd appreciate very much if you'd take it into

What am I talking about? Retro Macs. Obviously everyone of us
appreciates the good old Macs, which is why we are here. Believe it or
not, some of us still love to use their old Macs every day. I use Mac
OS 9 on a daily basis and I love it. I get most of my daily work done
using Mac OS 9 and I do it faster than on OSX (which is because of ME,
not because of OSX, which is a pretty solid OS - don't get my wrong, I
don't want to start a flame war)

Anyway, as a regular visitor/listener I would appreciate if you could
make the RMC website a bit friendlier for those using their older Macs
or low-spec machines in general. What I mean is the Javascript for
example, that seems to slow down the whole website and makes navigation
rather sluggish. If you have a few minutes, set up one of your good old
OS 9 machines, download Classilla 9.2 and give it a try yourself. I
don't know about the performance on smartphones or netbooks but I
personally feel the page could use a simplification. Also regarding the
navigation. (or maybe you could set up a second version for low-spec

Another issue is the podcast itself - it comes in .m4a format which is
(I believe?) the format that newer versions of iTunes prefer.
Unfortunately those users of regular mp3 players or older iTunes
versions are left behind. If I wouldn't have an Intel iMac (which I
mainly use in case of these "compatibility issues") I couldn't listen
to the podcast. Other podcasts still use the good old .mp3 format (Earl
from Retrobits is a shining example here) which is far more compatible.

I know, I may be asking for much. But after all, this is the
RetroMacPodcast. The LEM OS 9 mailinggroup alone has about 1000 members
- and it is english-speaking and rather US focussed. I suppose there
are some other thousand daily users of Mac OS 9 out there worldwide, in
Europe, Australia etc. - those are your people.

Other than that - a big thank you for doing one of the best podcasts
out there, I enjoy every episode. Listening to you as a "morning radio"
during breakfast has already become a tradition (I just started all
over again from episode 1 :-) ) and I hope there are many many episodes
still to follow.

Sebastian P.

P.S. This was posted from an iMac G3 DV SE under 9.2.2 using Classilla - still a great computer!

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Although I just recently (finally) upgraded to a music player compatible with more than the traditional MP3 format, I too prefer MP3. I understand that the embedded pictures in the podcast are cool, but as I listen to my iPod en route to work, for me to look at the pics requires taking my hands off the wheel and eyes off the road -- and then the iPod's screen is too small to make out much detail, anyway.

But the most important thing is that this excellent podcast continues to be published, regardless of the format.




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