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12 years ago I put together the Ultimate SE/30 so check out my uploaded images.



128 mb ram...yes really

IIsi rom-simm......for 32bit clean

and with a little help from hex edit

os 8.0

The monitory went out so i disassembled kept all the logical board parts and pieces.

Now 12 years later i finnally ordered new monitor and installed put back to gether

and zebra stripes...I think i need to get  the board re-capped....or just get another


Anyone, any thoughts?


My mac classic has really quiet sound and the floppy controller is not working properly...i am assuming motherboard issues. Does any one know where i can buy an new logic board for a macintosh classic.

All i can find on ebay are SEs, PLUSs, classic IIs but no just plain classics.  I also don't want the whole computer, just the logic board.

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Hey there, awesome SE/30. Mine has 32MB, but I'd love to get that over 100. Did you find it makes a real difference?

I think the answer to both of your problems is getting the boards re-capped. The zebra stripes are a known issue with the caps, and I'd bet the Classic is the same issue. There's a guy for does the service for around $30-40. If I get a chance, I'll look up his info for you. I've never used him, but I plan to.

In, or around 2000, 30 pin simms were door stops a local computer stores and I took them off there hands

and just kind of sorted through them, and eventually found a set up 8 16mb sticks.  That was awesome.

But in the real world unless you to have a hundred programs open at once, no real difference.  I did use some as 

a ram disk to load programs in and run them very quickly from that.

So, if you got a guy to recap boards i would very much like to utilize that.




I'm not sure if this is the same guy (I can't find where I saved his info), but this is a "company" dedicated to doing re-caps. If you use them, please report your experience.

My Classic II logic board is being recapped by Charles at MacCaps as we speak. I'll report back my results.

Awesome, how much was it?

It's $55 plus shipping. Charles has been very responsive and I've heard from others that the turnaround is quick.

Thanks for letting us know. I know there was a guy doing it for $35. I'll have to keep looking.




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