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Assuming you can get past the 'oh-but-how-can-you-not-include-X' thing....If you had to choose a single Mac that best represented Apple - the singular most important Mac - what would it be?

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Or should it be pre-post Jobs, or post-pre Jobs?

For pre-Steve Jobs era

1976 -1985 ...... ?  ...... before 1997 ?  .....after 1997 ?

Macintosh XL : epoch maker , innovative, easy to use, multi-system, multitasking (cooperative), expandable ........  ...... expensive

How much did you guys pay for your TAM?

12 Tams  : average 350 €


my apple computers

I don't really consider the XL a Mac…

Really, the top 1 Mac is the 1st Mac…





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