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Greetings! I was in the Bay Area last weekend for a visit, and I decided to finally make the pilgrimage to the mothership that is the Apple Campus at 1 Infinite Loop after getting my first Apple Computer in 1986 when I was but nine years old. That IIc sparked a lifelong interest in Apple Computer, and my story is somewhere on this site.

In any case, I stopped in the evening on my way back to LA where I reside to see the small Apple Store on campus. It is very small and only had a few items that are not in the normal stores, like overpriced pens, mugs ($29!!!!), and notebooks. Right now they have the retro t-shirts, but the icon one and the first logo by Ron Wayne were sold out. I was not to only one to ask, nor was I the only one to take pics of things and selfies in front of the main entrance with the Apple flag. I got the all white t-shirt with the small rainbow Apple logo in the middle and says 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA on the back near the collar.

I also saw the new Spaceship Campus from the 280 freeway but didn't try to approach it. Huge cranes all around it. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Nice! I need to get out there

Hey great photos, thanks for sharing. It's pretty exciting to see the Apple campus for the first time, isn't it? Apple used to have a Moof! statue out front and to the right of your 1st pic, years ago. And, I distinctly recall driving down from Burlingame, CA to buy a copy of the 1st release of OSX. I also recall interviewing and on a tour a year or so later. The cafeteria gave out free apples and upstairs here wasna make-shift NeXT museum in the hallway. Even the meeting room names were funny names...dr. Suess inspired. I wonder how the culture has changed since the late 90's? Thanks for the memories




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