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I've got a PowerBook G3 Pismo with a VST SuperDisk Model "LSG32", and I'm trying to find the needed drivers for this to work under Mac OS 9.x. Is there anyone out there who can help me out, please? Otherwise, I can just boot into OSX and copy a file to a floppy that way.

Your help is greatly appreciated. I can provide my email address if you want to send it via file attachment.

Thanks, 73s de Phreakout.

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Thank you David. Strange, I tried versiontracker and every time they couldn't find it or it didn't exist. But I'll install the driver and respond back.

73s de Phreakout.
If you still need the driver, let me know, I have a disk with the driver. I'm pretty sure it's for OS 9, I don't think OS X needs the a driver.




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