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Has anyone ever heard of the Wallaby portable Mac from the late 1980's? I found a magazine article about it in the October 1989 edition of Personal Computer World, (UK magazine), and was wondering if anyone was familiar with the machine.

Basically it is a laptop computer that attaches to a Mac Plus or SE as a peripheral. The user has to take the ROMs from the desktop machine and stick them in the Wallaby for it to work. They can then use the Wallaby through their compact Mac or disconnect it and take it on the road as a fully functioning portable. An interesting concept which gets around Apple's licensing laws, as it uses the ROMs from the customer's existing Mac.

I have scanned the article and put it up for everyone to read:

Flickr scanned article link

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After a bit of digging about online I've discovered that the Wallaby became the Outbound when the company changed it's name. For a minute there I thought it was another early Mac clone entirely - the relationship between the two names didn't really occur to me!
Outbound Systems, Inc. (formally Wallaby Systems)

Outbound Laptop System
(French) La machine au nom de code Wallaby est présenté pour la première fois en août 1989

Outbound Laptop and Notebook




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