Where great old Macs live again!

I have a good collection of working Macs including many LC's, regrettably no color classic although a friend apparently intends to give me his non working one.

Anyway, around 2000 when I had little space I gave my Apple IIe away!
I regret that now, as I have no Apple II.

I have an LC630 with the DOS PC Card, and an Acorn Archimedes A5000 with its DOS PC Card (Archimedes' were the first ARM based computers, the history of what now powers iPhone and iPad.)

An Apple IIe card would be a good addition to my collection. I love the idea of hardware emulator cards.

Anyway I had a brief look on eBay, sellers that ship to Australia seem to have the card for $159 USD plus $50 USD postage. So $265 AUD.

Is this a fair going price for them or should I hang out?

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