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Wanting to install Mac os 9 on one drive and os x on the other.

I Can't Install Mac OS 9 on My G3 B&W. Whenever I Try to Install it Classic Just Launches. I Can't boot from the Install CD Though. Please Help!

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JJ, try this:


1.) If booted into OSX, place CD in drive and let it show up on the desktop.

2.) Go into System Preferences, then Startup Disk.  Wait for the list to complete scanning of bootable volumes.

3.) Select your CD, if it shows up in the list and then restart your B&W G3.  After it restarts, it should boot off of the CD into the OS 9 install.  If not, try restarting again and hold down the letter C on your keyboard (after you hear the startup tone).


NOTE: Make sure the hard drive you are installing OS 9 onto is up to 8 gigabytes for the first partition and anything remaining can be more than 8.  This is important, especially when installing on a drive that's more than 8GB in size.  Also, after you install OS 9, make sure you run the software updates.  Check to see if there is a firmware update for the B&W G3; something along the lines of version 4.1.9f4.  This update will help in making the Mac easier to access the boot loader mode to choose which OS you want to boot (restarting, then holding down Option key). 


73s de Phreakout.  :-)

Sadly, it didn't work but I have a new idea. I'm going to take the hard drive out of my G3 Desktop and copy the HDD. Thanks for helping!

Make sure you "bless" the System Folder after you clone the hdd.  You might even have to do a clean install from the cd in some cases.  To "bless", simply open and close the system folder one time before you test it out.  


73s de Phreakout. :-)




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