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Watching YouTube videos under OS 9? Well, it's possible...

Until yesterday I thought the days when i could watch YouTube videos
under OS 9 were gone - due to the lack of support by Adobe and the
proprietary nature of Flash. Well, I was wrong. Knez over at forums got tired of not having a working version of flash
under OS9. Flash 7 works but it is not really supported anywhere

So he started to think that it could be possible to "trick" sites into
thinking that he is using Flash 9. Maybe some things would start
working again. He started ResEdit, opened the Flash Plugin for
Classilla and simply changed the version number from 7.0.61 to 9.0.

Lo and behold - Flash stuff started working again.

Tried it myself and I can confirm it definitely works. Been watching
Flash movies on youtube for half an hour now. :-) It's not perfect but
it's a good workaround and I'm impressed by the performance on my
PowerMac G4 Dual 1 Ghz computer. Videos play better than under Tiger.

Now, someone may have done this before but I couldn't find anything here so I thought I'd share it with you. Might help a fellow "OS9er" :-)

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HAH! Great stuff. Eat that, modern technology! :-)




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