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I really want to find an original 128k for my collection, but I have no idea what price they're currently selling for. I found a nice system on Ebay currently at $375 with no bids, but don't know if that's a good price or not. Can anyone give me some help?

Thanks a bunch,

Mark Allison

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If you have one, at what price should you want to sell it ?
Mark is looking for one but would like to have a "going rate" to make sure that he doesn't pay $450 for one when theys houdl be down around $250.

I simply have no frame of reference so I can't help. it might be possible to look for "recently closed" auctions of 128s, but I don't think they come up often enough that you'll get a good reading.

Let's help Mark out.
There is a pretty wide range of prices for 128k Macs. For $375 I would expect it to be very clean and operating condition with no yellowing and complete with keyboard and mouse and maybe some software and documentation. If you PM me the link I'll check it out and give you a better assessment. I promise I won't snipe it from you!
Thanks for the responses! Here's an example of a 128k selling on eBay right now. What do you guys think? I don't plan on buying it, since I just started looking and want to take my time to find the right one. Still, I'd like to get a good idea of what a system in good shape should cost.
It is not the original Macintosh
See the logo on the back : Macintosh 128k
It is a macintosh distribued after that the 512k came out.
That's really good to know. What does the original Mac have on the back logo?
original 128k
That's good to know. I didn't realize that Apple produced the 128k and the 512k at the same time. My first Mac was an SE/30.




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