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With the sudden rise in fame of Andrey Antonov (congratulation!), I was wondering who has the largest personal Apple collection?

Probably RetroMacCast will have the best authority to determine this? My guess is probably Jeremy Mehrle or Shrine of Mac.

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due to Apples decision to close iWeb and iDisk (Mobileme) my site is down
i have not yet a replacement to upload the site again
in the next week(s) i 'll upload more photos of my collection to 'my photos' on retromaccast
and i put a link to the pdfs (resume of my collection) on 'my page'

That's great Applefreak! Your pdf listing of your collection is really beyond anything i've ever seen.

where is this PDF?

pdfs, list of my collection

only computers


entire collection


Nice! You've got quite a collection there! One small note, it looks like you've got the wrong picture for the Quadra 610 listed.

you are right
i have to correct that

thank you for the note
Now who's collection works 100%. I've been told some collectors will include even non working stuff just for looks, I'm not about that, my collection works 100%. Even if its apple, If it doesn't work I don't want it on my shels , goes in the garage.
at least one of each model works
working computers in my collection : 396 cfr my latest database
working : connect the powercable, adding if necessary the pram battery, push start button > start up

non of my computers before 2000 have the pram battery installed
no battery = no leaks

but is a computer with a faling internal hard disk drive not working?
you never are 100% sure, the next time you.power up a old computer, the hd or the disk drive isn't faling, the power supply is ok......

last week, a Apple III, who starts weekly didn't work, the big condo of the power supply was exploded
(it's repaired now),

i guess thats just part of the upkeep with collection like yours.

( spending time to make sure they still work )

So i guess what i mean by working is this:

Able to boot an os, and has a working floppy drive.

Obviously due to age, working scsi hard-drives are black magic,

(it worked last time i pit it up) etc.

Removal of Pram battery is just smart.

For me, and my collection, Hard drives must work

but that is just standards i hold my self to.




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