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With the sudden rise in fame of Andrey Antonov (congratulation!), I was wondering who has the largest personal Apple collection?

Probably RetroMacCast will have the best authority to determine this? My guess is probably Jeremy Mehrle or Shrine of Mac.

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Jeremy Mehrle has the nicest collection! What a layout...

Sadly when he moved to a new home, he had to dismantle the basement museum and put most of the Macs in storage.

What! That sucks!

The top ones in terms of size of which I'm aware are (in no particular order) Jonathan's (Shrine of Apple), Jeremy Mehrle (Flickr), Adrian (macmedic), AndreyMJJ, (collection), WayneJD (JD's Apple Orchard), and mine (Flickr).

I forgot about the All About Apple collection in Italy complete with an Apple I.

Is Shrine of Apple the one with the best photography? 

Most definitely!

A lot of the collections James has listed are correct and beautiful quality. Mehrle's museum was and still is the most stunning to look at - he basically had an Apple store in his house. Insane.

The largest collection in the world is probably one of two: the All About Apple museum in Turin, Italy (> 7000 items) or perhaps the Standard collection which no-one really seems to know too much about (although it is most likely more about paperwork/documents and not hardware).

Of course don't forget the 'dark horse' collectors - the ones that for their own reasons choose to remain quiet. I know of a single collector in Italy who has thousands of items in his house.

My collection is large in it's own right, but certainly doesn't enter into the conversation for "largest".

I am slowly getting my collection back together, but I'm talking my time. I have all the G3 iMac and the rest of the Acrylic era (G3 and G4 powermacs, Cube etc.) on  display in my living room. Also everything is in my new basement, just not set up as well as it was in my last house. A big IKEA trip could change that. 

Looking forward for your new setup!

Applefreak's collection is totally awesome. Your site is down i guess where the pictures used to be.




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