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Most people here may not know this, but the Japanese are fanatics when it comes to collecting Apple items. One reason is that many of the Japanese don't spend money like us westerners, and end up saving the money instead. And then, when they do find something they want to purchase, they can really wear people out on the auction sites like eBay. When we laugh at them for spending $6000 on a clear case Mac Portable, the Japanese look at it merely as a win, and cost didn't matter.

Besides Apple stuff, I'm also a Japanophile (google it!) and usually purchase stuff off Japan's auction site of choice - Yahoo! Interesting enough, I sold some stuff on Yahoo! Japan Auctions, and got a much better price than if I sold the same item on eBay. For example, I raised about US$800 selling the whole hardcover set of Apple IIGS books. I also sold a rare Novation Apple Cat II modem for about US$500.

I'll use this discussion to track Yahoo! Japan Auctions I think would be interesting to RetroMac. Enjoy!

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First item up for bid - a very rare Apple III external drive. Really clean from the front. Unfortunately, those people at the schools just HAD to take a Sharpie and mark how they paid for the drive. Starting bid is US$127.00. Auction started 8/16 and ends 8/24. No bids so far.
I can't see an Apple collection without a Bandai Pippin @WORLD or ATMARK. I sometimes see these sold on eBay. They're constantly available on Yahoo!

Here's one... Virtually unused - could be brand-new! Includes modem, original software and manuals, cables and game controller. Wanna see the sickening part? Starting bid is US$12.00! Bidding ends 8/23.

The next Pippin ATMARK is in pristine mint condition! It includes everything, as well as the docking unit/floppy drive and ATMARK keyboard - two things that did not come with the starter kit. Starting price is US$1019.00. Not worth it!
Since this is a Japanese site, I can't even find a translation service.
Something rarely ever seen no eBay - the Apple IIe RGB card

I used to own one of these, but never found the Apple II RGB display to run with this. The only monitor to work with this car is even rarer. It does not work with the Apple IIgs RGB displays. IMHO, it is only useful as a collectors item. But then, who else would put up the 12,800 yen (US$136.00) for this card?




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