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Does anyone have a good way to connect from an OS 7 machine to an OS 10.9 server 3 machine via Ethernet? As of now I have an intermediary, a Mac OS 10.3.9 box that I am able to get OS 9 to connect to easily. I don't have my System 7 box up and running yet, but should it be able to connect the same way the OS 9 box does? That is, manually entering the IP address in Chooser? 

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Can't say I've tried this lately. I think AFP got changed in later releases of OS X. I have a 10.10.3 server, and cannot get 10.4.0 to connect to it. But 10.4.11 will.

Best bet if it doesn't work when you try it may be to either still use an intermediary machine, or possibly investigate the use of a different protocol, maybe running an FTP server on the 10.9 system and an old FTP app on OS9. Much of this is trial and error.
I had considered FTP. I'll wait and see if it "just works".

I'm not sure if it works that way. 

I'm pretty sure that Apple used Apple Talk to connect to servers running AUX and Apple Talk went out with OS X 10. ? 2 or 3 

I'm not really a networking person so I might be talking a load of rubbish ~ if so please ignore my comment.  

You may be correct about Apple talk, not sure what version dumped it but as I said, OS9 seems to connect to 10.3.9 just fine. I'm hoping my System 7 machine can do the same. I'm waiting on a DB15 to VGA adapter then I can test.

I was thinking about this post and I now recall and application called sheep shaver which allows you to run OS7 on a modern Intel Mac. Then it's a case of does the chooser and apple talk file sharing option still works across modern networks. Or peer to peer. ? 

Personally I have wanted to try sheep shaver but don't have the confidence to install it on my modern mac. 

Sheep shaver is pretty good. Networking is flakey but seems to work at least half the time :). In my case I'm running a physical Mac, it's an LCII. Luckily it has a PDS Ethernet card in it.

Hi Chris,

I have an LC475 with the same card.

I also have other macs capable of running most of the operating systems. I think my favourite OS was 8.6 because you could do so much with it. 

Most Mac's after this format came with some sort of ethernet capability.  

I do like 8.6 a lot. Actually more than 9. I agree it has pretty much all the functionality that I would need. Unfortunately the LCII can only handle up to 7.5.5.




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