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I have a chance to get back one or 2 quadra CPU - but without monitor. What can I use it for? What type of monitor can I attached to it? Is this still useful in anyway?



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Well, you can use it for running 68k apps and games! Shufflepuck cafe is pretty fun. For monitors, you can either hunt down an old apple monitor or you can get a device that plugs into the monitor plug on the Quadra, has some DIP switches, and has a VGA plug on the other end. The DIP switches let you set what kind of monitor the Mac sees (resolution, sync freqency, etc...)

I have a VGA adapter too, works great.

Is there any good 68K apps and games? Can't my iMac G3 already run them fine?

Yeah, any PPC machine will run most 68k apps just fine. Some are a little glitchy though.
I have a quadra 660av and I use it for transferring data to my SE/30, and I sometimes hook it up to our flat-screen TV, looks horrible though :P
Haha, I have my Apple IIGS cnnected to my HDTV, yours can't be worse!




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