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Hi All,

Well this is my second eMac.  I used to have a 700MHz G4 that I gave away to a friend that needed a computer ( he doesn't have much money, plus its fine for the simple web browsing and emailing that he does.)  On that computer I had OSX 10.4 along with OS 9.2.2  installed, and I could boot into either.


I recently got a Northern lights 1GHz eMac from eBay.  It has a 60Gb drive, 640MB RAM, not too shabby...  

I got an airport extreme card for it just recently too.


The reason I got this particular machine is that I wanted to find the fastest machine that could still boot into OS 9.2.  There area  number of software that I have that just doesn't run well under Classic Mode.  I wanted the ability to boot into OS 9.2 to run that software (mainly some games, kids games, etc).


Well the machine came with OSX 10.4  installed, but no  OS9 or classic available...

For my former 700GHZ eMac I had bought on eBay the original OS9.2 install disk that came with it, and had used it successfully.  I tried using that same CD on my new eMac, but it would not install.  

After screwing around with it, I screwed it up and could not get it to boot anymore. I would not recognize anything to boot.   In desperation (real dumb move probably here)  I had a OSX disk for a G4 iBook that I had.  I installed OSX 10.2 on it. Surprisingly it installed OK, and now its running 10.28 fairly well.

Then I tried using my eMac OS9.2 install disk that I mentioned before.   This time it did install.  And Classic mode does work.  But unfortunately I can't boot into OS 9.2.

When I opened up "Startup disk" it lets me select OS.9.2, and then when I restart, it give me the picture of the "broken disk" type thing, meaning it can't find a bootable image to boot from.  I tried restarting and pressing the command key to select the place to boot from but it only give me one choice, and that choice didn't work,  So I was up the same creek again. But I found out about the

Boot with 'X' pressed to book into OS X  trick, and that saved me.  So for some reason I just can't boot into OS9.  Any ideas why that might be the case?




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Why would you buy an eMac? A while ago I was trying to get rid of like six eMacs. I would've sent you one and all you would have had to pay was shipping. But now there all gone

Wow. so they are that unwanted?  I tried finding some in Craigslist but could not find what I wanted.  That's crazy that you have to give them away.  They are pretty decent computers. Like I said I wanted something that can boot OS 9.  I only paid $65 including shipping so it wasnt too bad. 


So does anyone have any disks that would let me install Mac OS9.2  specifically tailored for this eMac model.  I am wondering if my problem is that the OS9 that I have was only for the older eMac model. 




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