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Ordered my iPad 2 a couple of weeks ago- supposed to arrive later this week. Have you gotten yours yet? If so, what differences can you tell between the iPad (1)? I know it's thinner, but didn't know if the speed is noticeably faster, or another differences (I know there are cameras on the 2 too)

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Yes, the speed increase is noticeable.  I enabled the four finger gestures via xcode, and that combined with the speed boost is very cool.  I would say the speed increase for me is the best part of iPad 2.

I don't think there has been a lot of stuff taking advantage of the faster processor, or improved graphics yet, but it does seem a little snappier!  I think that time will show it to be a lot faster than the original iPad when apps are made/remade to take full advantage of the upgrades!


Yes I do have my iPad already!  As I think I said on Facebook, my mom was very nice to go get mine for me on release night!!  :-)  :-)    She first went to the Walmart she works at, but they only got 7 Wi-Fi only models.  Next she tried a couple AT&T stores, but they didn't get any iPad 2's.  Finally she went to our only Best Buy, and stood in line for over 2 hours.  I wanted a 64 GB Black AT&T Wi-FI + 3G, but ended up getting a 64 GB White Verizon Wi-FI + 3G!  I'm happy with the Verizon service, all though I did have to call Verizon, and do a hard reset (hold down the home & sleep buttons till it shuts off, then comes back on w/ the Apple Logo) to get it working right.  I take it almost every wear with me.  It goes to work, and rests in my locker till breaks/lunch.  I take it to my grandparents house, to Hardee's for late night thick burger runs with my mom, and has already been to one photo shoot with me!  I got the camera connection kit to upload photos, and it works great!!


I'm including a link here to my RetroMacCast blog post I did giving my first review about the iPad 2.  I took great pride in the fact that  I wrote it entirely on my iPad 2!!  Part of it was written while at my Grandparents house in the conurty on Verizon 3G, and part at my home on Wi_Fi.  I hope everyone likes it!

Sorry - A little late with this...  got my iPad (Air) 2 a month ago!




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