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I would like to buy a Shuffle; I listen to podcast and I want something to let me listen
to a podcast and then go to another podcast and then back to the original podcast and start
listening where I left off?

I have a knock off of an ipod shuffle, If I'm listening to a podcast and I decide to start listening to another podcast, when I go back to the first podcast on this knock-off ipod, I have to start listening fromthe podcast at the beginning of the podcast. Some of the podcast I listen to are over an hour long. If I've already listen to 45 minutes of a podcast, I don't want to come back and start listening from the beginning of this podcast.

Please, if anyone knows if a "true" ipod shuffle marks the location of the listening point you were at when you stopde listening to the podcast, and then allows you to start listening from the point you stopped at, last - please let me know.
James "Jimmy" Lacy Kamuf

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yes it does hold you spot in the podcast, but you have to be careful, because when you go to the podcast that you were previously listening it will start playing were you were listening, but if you hit the back button it starts from the beginning.
Thanks Mr. Kendall Seabury

I'm sorry, but I'm still not understanding. How do you get back to the previous podcast with out using the back button. I'm I missing something. Sorry to take up you time with these question, but I do appreciate your time and trouble trying to help me with this matter.

Jimmy Kamuf




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