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I have a question - why is there so many eMates on sales that does not come with an adaptor? Is it because the adaptor is easily burned out?

Where can I get the adaptor for eBay if I get an eMate without an adaptor? Thanks!

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Not sure. People loose chargers for things all the time. Also, no charger is any easy way to say "not tested as I don't have a charger" although the eMate is pretty reliable.

You can rebuild the battery pack easily compared to laptops.

Charger is 7.5 VDC 1.2A positive tip centre.
Rowan made some good points.

I've always assumed the lack of chargers is due to these mostly owned by schools. I often see lots of these being sold without chargers. As far as I know, the chargers don't have any widespread issues. You can find them on eBay pretty often, but they usually for go a lot of money.

That's my experience. Most of the eMates I own came from a local school sale. They were all stacked together, no charger and a lot with no stylus or a third party version of the stylus. At one of the sales I managed to find an emate charger in a box of assorted ac/dc adaptors. getting it out was like trying to unravel a plate of spaghetti :)




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