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For a number of years, I was a member of the Atlanta Macintosh User's Group (AMUG) and in the early 1990s they migrated over from PC Board to FirstClass.

About the same time I started a 2-line BBS using FirstClass as well. I really got the BBS bug and went to several of the BBSCons in the early 1990s, where I first heard of the Internet.

I ran my BBS with a used Mac x I purchased from an AOL member, added a card to the box to give it more modem connections, an external drive and CD Rom drive so I could offer shareware to my members.

I also joined OneNet, which was similar to FidoNet, where different FirstClass boards would call each other and pass along email through the network.

I also offered my members access to UseNet groups.

While I never had more than about 100 members, it was a lot of fun and stressful too as modems were prone to zapping and drives were not as reliable as the today.

I became good friends with the Sysop of the AMUG system and there was also a large FirstClass system being run at Emory University.

After 1995 and the emergence of the World Wide Web, as we called it, BBSs dried up as people scrambled to get on the Internet, and most of the larger systems went out of business.

FirstClass, then owned by SoftArc, was bought by another company, and the product is still around, but more as a collaboration software system.

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