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Vintage Macintosh Locator web-app : 68K Finder

Commemorating the 28´th Anniversary of the Macintosh on January 24, 2012, (me) is proud to present the first vintage Macintosh Locator web-app for mobile phones: 68K Finder

Please open with your mobile device, then tap “Add to Bookmarks” for easy, one-tap access. This is version 1.0 - launched January 24, 2012, please report any bugs or give me a feedback.

68K Finder Main Features

  • Displays 68K Macintosh collectibles on the US eBay market
  • Currency converter (updated several times on trade days)
  • Vintage Macintosh serial number decoder
  • Actual 68K Macintosh News (updates when loading the web-app)
  • Hidden Easter Egg (s)

68K Finder - What is it good for ?

Find a Macintosh - made easy. I am a Macintosh collector and I find the most of my collectibles at the different ebay markets. This is no problem when I am at home, but on the road I can only access eBay via its mobile version on my iPhone. I created a tiny web-app to search for Macintosh collectibles at the most active market, namely USA. After the first simple version was finished I decided to provide it to all Macintosh collectors. I added some more features and a friendly user interface and here we go. Made by a collector for collectors. In the last week we had a beta test and the app seems to work well on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones. I could not check all devices, if you mention a bug - please contact me.


The Press Kit | please promote 68K Finder !

Here you can download this text and pictures in a zip file - for free promotional use.

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