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This question has probably been asked numerous time on this site but does anyone know if I can run OS9 or classic natively on any of the G4 MD macs.

I have a dual 1.47 and a single 1.25 ~ well actually I have four of the latter.

I did manage to pick up some original install DVD's for these computers and I get the impression that I cannot run the classic mode natively ? It seems to run in emulation ? 

Does anyone know how to get OS9 on these computers without installing OS X ? 

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Jeremy, Mac OS 9 will run natively on any G4 MDD with FireWire 400 ports.  Models with FireWire 800 ports are OS X bootable only.  You can download a copy of OS 9 for these machines via Macintosh Garden:

More info here:

Hi Adam,

I was watching a video on You Tube where the guy says things like he crashed the firmware rom from a G4 1.25 on to a G4 1.42 dual firewire 800 and he gets OS9.2.2 to boot ? 

I have no idea what he is talking about as he talks in street slang.

Have a look at this video and see if you know what he means or he's talking about.

Power Mac G4 MDD FW800 OS 9 Fun - YouTube

Regards Jeremy 

It may well be possible to overwrite the ROM on a dual-800 to boot OS 9, I've never tried it.  It's also a really good way to brick your machine if something goes wrong.  G4 MDDs with FW400 are easy to find, personally I'd recommend sticking with supported configurations.

I wouldn't know how to do it or even go about overwriting rom's 

I have both machines and I do have a processor dual processor upgrade that will work on the single 1.25 so I much stick with that.

It only because I need to get rid of some of my macs and I wanted the fastest machine capable or running OS9. 

All G4 Macs run OS 9 very well, a single 1.25GHz G4 will be quite zippy.  Mac OS 9 itself doesn't use the second processor, but it's available for third party software.  OS X does take advantage of multiple CPUs.

Have fun!




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