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If I were going to get stupid and buy a Newton.... I'm not saying I am, mind you... Which one would be the best all around example of Newtonness? (which strikes the best balance between size, memory, power, power availability, software compatibility and so on)?

I'm not going to, I promise.

(by the time you guys read this I'll have probably won three ebay auctions.)

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I'm putting my vote in for the newest, baddest, fastest. The 2100. The processor is fast. There is not waiting. NewtonWorks, NewtonDraw. I have a 130 also, but it's backlight is dying out. Bummer.

Here is a site that offers Newton Software. Some is for Newton OS 1.X, and some is for Newton OS 2.X. I don't think the earlier Newtons, 100 series can run OS 2. But, I could be wrong, I'm just starting to see what my 2100 can do.
OOPS! I was in a hurry. Forgot to add the link:
I'd have to agree with Kathryn on this. If you can get a 2100 (or 2000) it is worth it. I'd say try to find one with a serial adaptor- it makes transferring software MUCH easier, but there are always workarounds. Or try to go for a newton with the 2.x os. It runs vastly more software than the earlier ones. eMates are pretty easy to come by too, and can do everything the 2x00 can, just slower. Its harder to get good battery packs for it though. This is how I would rank them: 2100 > 2000 > 130 (uses AA batteries) > eMate > 120 w/ NOS 2.0
Thanks for all the info! Surprisingly, I'm not an owner yet.

Maybe I'll get lucky and lose these auctions... (or is that unlucky?)
Your right, it works both ways with the luck thing. There is also LEM Swap list.
So far I seem to have dodged the bullet. All the auctions I had bid on in a moment of weakness have surpassed my available cash and credit.

For some reason the mortgage still needs to be paid. Didn't I do that last month?
So far, I've had a lot of fun with my eMate 300.
Now, I just bought a "brand new - still in the box - never opened" Newton 110.
My issue is to decide if I'm going to unwrap it or leave it in its original state.

I agree with comments below. The 2100 is the way to go. This is my next purchase.
The default answer would be the last and fastest of them all, the mp2100... but if you're lucky, you might find a EVT or DVT mp2000 with 16mb RAM. But, they're rare and the last one I saw come up for sale on eBay sold for a very high premium in the $500+ range.
Yikes! $500. Yikes! Ok, uninformed question here. What is a "EVT and a DVT?" Are these the upgraded versions of the mp2000?




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