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Personally, I've used many types of mice over the years. On PC's I was one of the first to own a Microsoft Intellimouse, the first mouse with a 'wheel'. On a Mac I used a Logitech MX 510 mouse where I had the buttons programmed to 'Close window', 'Back' and 'Switch application'.

However, after buying a 'Pill mouse' just for it's looks, I tried using it for a while and found the computing experience a lot more pleasant:

- Scrolling by dragging the bar is less jerky and gives a smoother, more 'in control' feeling when browsing the internet
- Using menu's or shortcuts to perform an action makes you discover more functionality in the software
- Contextual menu's usually are messy and hardly ever contain the option you need

Have there been usability studies that don't focus on beginner's ease of use but instead show any form of increased experience or productivity with either a single button mouse or a multibutton one?

What are your thoughts on the single button?

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The funny thing is that I don't even use a mouse. I've been using a Logitech TrackMan Marble since the ADB days. I was always sick of worrying about dirty mice balls, tracking surfaces, and room on my desk or keyboard drawer for mouse movement. With the TrackMan, I don't have to worry about any of that. It only needs to have the dust bunnies blown out about twice a year. It's also fantastic for gaming -- no wrist strain!

As for buttons, I crave them! The more, the merrier! Throwing a multi-button mouse at a novice is crazy, so Apple's idea to hide the multiple button under the skin of a single-button house is very innovative. I don't think Apple needs to add more buttons -- the 3rd party options are plentiful and thanks to USB, compatibility is no problem.
Never used anything else then an Apple mouse.

My first mouse was connected to the Apple II GS.

Last mouse belonged to my Power Mac G4 Cube.

Not interested in other mouses. I dont use shortcuts. Still work my way down with the scroll down menu.
I love Apple's one-button mouses. (BTW mouses is proper when talking about computing.) They're comfortable and simple and some of the older ones offered a tension control which is actually quite useful. My Mighty Mouse is sometimes too easy to click. But so far, I haven't met an Apple mouse I didn't like! I don't know that I could use a trackball...they're kinda weird to me...
I do like the scroll wheel Mighty Mouse a lot, but I always reach for the ctrl key when I want a contextual menu. In fact, I just ctrl-clicked the word "mouses" and Dictionary confirms the plural for computing. Cool, I did not know that!
Anyway, I think the one button mouse always was best and adequate since keyboard commands are easier and quicker. Those multi-button mice were too hard for me, I could never decide how to program them in the setup anyway. I tried the Wacom with a pen and a mouse, but still reverted back to the Apple mouse when I needed to get something done.
The WACOM is hard to handle, isn't it ?
Once you've set the prefs you want to change them, because the idea of a total replacement of mousing doesn't work. Or my brain doesn't.
But I have learned that the use of a scroll wheel makes sense in OSX - as far as OSX makes sense.
And that USB-PC mouses (really - 'mouses' ? Strange ! ) do work on the Mac, either with 2.0 on a X-System or with 1.1-standard- NonApple-card on a classic Mac (Keyspan; 5xxx-series computers) with some serious conflicts with the TV-card/drivers (my guess).




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