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I got this computer from my uncle and he got it from the school he teaches at. It ran well but it needed some components so I added a second harddrive, a superdrive and a couple of PCI cards including a USB 2.0 card. Next to hardware it also needed some software when I got it only had itunes so I installed ilife 08 and iwork 08. I got my superdrive on for about $27

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I bought my first G4, the Sawtooth, on eBay for close to $120 (about half was shipping), I was expecting a stripped down Yikes, but to my surprise it ended up being a 400mhz sawtooth. With the exception of a couple of scratches, this machine was in very good condition. I added a superdrive and a new hard drive (it had a 10 gb compaq drive (weird) and I swapped it for the drive in my G3 iMac. I tried Leopard out on it, but quickly decided a processor upgrade would be in order, so now I've got a zippy Tiger machine that will boot in OS 9 too!
i got my yikes model off of Craig's list for $80 after haggling the guy down from 150 ... it came with two keyboards and the hockey puck mouse ....400 mhz 512 mb of ram, dvd rom drive, scsi pci card, usb card and a 20 gb hard drive ... i upgraded the video card so i can connect it to my tv via composite connectors... bad resolution but now i can watch all my digital videos on my tv
Just today I upgraded My powermac 533mhz to leopard with software called leopard assist (just search it on google). It runs fine accept it's a little slow but it's worth it.
I bought my G4 AGP of off ebay for £60 its was 450mhz with 1GB of memory I have since added
a 80GB HD and a Sonnet 1.8ghz processor upgrade, it now fly's. I am running 10.4.11 all I need to do now is get a better graphics card so I can run Leopard on it properly.
It also came with 4 port usb 2.0 card.
I got mine from someone, who didn't want it. That's really about it
I don't know who wouldn't want am great mac like that.
Got a Quicksilver with dual 800 Mhz G4, DVD Superdrive, ZIP Drive, 2 60 GB HD's, 1 GB RAM in excellent condition off of e-bay for $70 in Dec, Have a 23" Cinema Display hooked up to it with the clear acrylic KB and a Mighty Mouse, upgraded to Leo 10.5.6, it runs sweet.
A 733MHz 1st generation was given to me as a present from my dear sister - it ran out of professional suitability - but with its 16MB graphics it doesn't even run "Google Earth" - a 20 $ PC will do that. It is louder than hell. One of the first things to do was removing one of the handles to put it under my desk (it stands on a platform of about 25 cm in order to reduce dust attraction - doesn't help much). This was my first OS X (Tiger) machine, I'll never become a friend of this and I'm looking forward to whatever a System XI (eleven) will be like to overcome these crazy cats. Thanx to it I chose my identity.
Got a 1.25ghz MDD single CPU and a 1.25 Ghz Dual Cpu recently, the dualie has a power supply issue, so I am going to put the single CPU PS into it and look out for a good deal on one to put back into the single CPU unit.
Ugghh. I paid nearly $8000 Australian dollars for my Quicksilver (and software) when new. In retrospect, I should have bought Apple shares instead!
My first Powermac G4 came from the basement of a PC computer shop, $50 bucks netted me 2 G4 yikes model and 1 G3, second G4 was/is a 667 mhz Digital Audio PowerMac (for sale), my 3rd came 2 months after my second one, a QuickSilver G4 running 933 (converted from 733), 128 MB ati video card, 1.5 GB ram, 2.0 usb pci card and a "Gee3ee" usb/firewire pci card, OS 10.4.11 and 9.2.2. the QS cost me $40 plus trading mac g3 parts. My project is a PowerMac G3 "Sawtooth" running 2 Ghz cpu (from powerlogix, found used for $50), 2 GB of PC 133 sd ram, 128 mb video card (ati) but swapped out to a 32 mb Nvidia video card, one firwire pci card plus a 2.0 usb pci card, dvd/cd- cd-rw rom drive. yes, it does run nice, OS 10.4.11 and 9.2.2.




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