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Recently, James and John discussed Johnathan Ive.  He is penned to many Apple items before,  during and after the Pismo.  But who is responsible for Pismo.  I know it's the same form factor as Lombard.... well, nearly the same.  But I've never been able to pinpoint it's creator.

I do believe Pismo was almost not to have existed at all.  The G3 iBook Clamshell was to be the new G4 Powerbook, but over heating shelved that plan.  In haste, Lombard was retrofitted with Firewire and WIFI.  Jobs himself presented Pismo to the world in Japan in January 2000.  In Japan! There isn't even any extent video of that presentation... unless I've really just missed it.  You can find the Lombard reveal.... but not Pismo.    I don't think he was attached to it.  He was most likely disappointed that he was not revealing the new G4 Powerbook. 

So, from the roots of Wallstreet, to the curves of Pismo.  I can't find any information on the G3 Powerbook design teem.

It would be gold to find out.

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Yeah, as applefreak's link implies, Johnathan Ive was leading the design team at the time. That doesn't necessarily mean he "personally" designed it. Industrial design at this level is always a team effort, and involves engineering constraints. But the translucent keyboard, glowing Apple logo and curvy lines all certainly point to Ive's influence.

I remember there being much discussion over the implications of the "upside-down" Apple logo on the lid. The meme was that the reversal of the logo represented Apple's transition from being user-oriented to being marketing oriented. In other words, with the Pismo and Lombard series, the logo was the right way up for the user, when s/he opened the laptop. But with the post-Titanium models, it was all about the logo being the right way up for other people to see. After all, the user doesn't see the logo when the lid is open, so why should they care if it's upside-down?




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