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hi i am 15 (and the starter of the group ***cough cough ***) i got interested in macs when i got my first mac last year but i am an apple user through out b/c my first computer was an apple II GS ( thank you James ) then i switched back to windows with m.e. installed ... what a nightmare that was ... now i am using Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 on two different machines

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I'm 15 as well. and I got interested in Macs because my Dad got an iPod Shuffle for free, I liked that, got an iPod Video, liked that and bought a Mac Mini! I had no prior use of Macs before that, so I jumped in at the deep end, but found them really easy to use and intuitive. Today I use a MacBook Core2Duo, and I bought my sister a 20" iMac G4 for her schoolwork.

how wierd i got started the same way. my dad came home from the bank with an ipod shuffle it was a promotional offer. i then bought an ipod video. today i do have a mac mini and an imac and a powerbook core 2 duo is that wierd or what
i am also 15
you mean a macbook pro
i just got a imac g3 today june 27th i am so pumped it has 10.3 on it so i can add .3 to my list of OS's that i use
I'm 13 as well, and I got started with my Aunt's retro Macintosh SE After a Google search on the Mac SE, I came upon Apple and all its Mac Goodness. I got MY first Mac on Christmas Morning '07. It was an Intel Aluminum 2.0Ghz iMac. It has given me no troubles at all, and it runs Leopard great. I also have a PowerBook 520 that needs a Hard Drive. I also look forward to buying an iPhone 3G July 11, but without the services. Anyway, I'm glad to see that so many young people, including myself, getting involved with retro Macintosh computers!
Keep up the Collecting,
Hunter Gatlin
12/9: I'm 14 now!
No I didn't get an iPhone 3G on iDay '08, but I am saving up for an iPod Touch (second generation.)

I'm 18 and started using macs when my parents first showed me their Mac Plus that they used for finances and typing. It was the first computer I had ever used, and still remember playing Reader Rabbit on it in stunning black and white. I also remember being convinced that their Apple ImageWriter was possessed because of the terrible sounds it made whenever someone printed with it. Sadly, my parents sold the Mac Plus, but I have an original iMac, two PowerBooks, my MacBook Pro, and plenty of iPods.
My 'mental illness' of collecting has been around for some time...

I have always wanted obsolete stuff...
I don't really know why, I just have...
But the whole Mac side of things began way back when I was in 'Year 2' in school, I think I was 6 at this time !?
Anyway, in our classroom there was a Performa and an Shiny new iMac G3. When it came to 'computer time' I would always choose to play with the Performa and never use the iMac. I was also the only person in the class who could get the sylewriter to print.
The year after they got rid of the Performa's and only had BBC micro's and iMac's, Of course i chose to use the Micro's. (I missed out on many boxed, mint C64's, Various Apple stuff and of course the micro's by a couple of days 2 summers ago- I was gutted !)

About 6 years latter I acquired my neighbours Performa 5200 which started my collection off. now I have about 6 Mac's and am looking for an Apple IIgs.
Hey there. I'm 19, and owned my first Macintosh starting January of 2008, back when I was 18.

Anyway, as far as using Mac's goes, I remember tooling around on the beige powermacs and whatnot (can't remember what models they were) back in elementary school, then messing with the brand new (at the time) iMac.

While that was at school, at home everything was DOS and Windows, my father was a data technician, so everything he used ran on PC's. Middle school thru High school was all PC/Windows oriented, as they were deemed more "Relevant" than Macintoshes. I got back into using Macs early this year when my partner let me use his Macbook Pro when I was away from home for a week or so.. I was hooked. Immediately after getting home (give or take 2 days) I ordered an 800MHz G3 iBook and simply couldn't be happier. Afterwards, after a DVD drive install went sour, and the Mac became unusable, I bought the machine I am on right now, an Apple iBook Graphite Clamshell (Paris SE). It's been great so far, for a 8 year old machine, and I've wanted a Clamshell since the day they were released, back in 1999.

I only use my newer Vista machine (I didn't buy it, it was given to me) when I really need a faster machine, for Photoshop, video editing, and long-term torrent downloads. This Clamshell is my road warrior, and has yet to refuse to work for me, whereas, I've only had my HP for about 6 months, and already the wireless card is shot and needs to be replaced.

Hurrah hurrah. Macs are built like tanks and can take a beating. And I love them for it.
omg a clamshell se that must be so fast for a clamshell... i also want a clamshell but idk if my parents will let me get it




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