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hi this is another little topic ... as we get older we would obviously want to get more and more apple products ... so the question now is what do you want next ... not what you are going to get (but it can be) but what you want to get *** disclaimer ... imac g4 doesn't count *** one everybody want that one and two that will be Zack's answer

so ... what i what i want is an ibook g3 clamshell next but i don't actually think i can get it b/c my parents really don't want me to get any more mac b/c they already take up so much room and i live in a levit house ( i don't expect you to know what that is, but it means that i don't have a basement or a attic) so i hope i can get this but it probably wont happen

and you get bonus points (that don't exist) if you pick a semi retro mac .... i consider and powerpc mac retro but other would beg to differ

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either an apple 128k or a imac g4 (tehe) but if it wasn't retro i would probably get a macbook pro.
My next mac I get I want to be a G3(400Mhz or faster) or G4 ibook, or powerbook G4.
I'd look for any Macintosh clone from any manufacturer. There is just some magic about owning a Mac that isn't. Anyway, what I'm going for next, however, is an iPhone 3G on iDay 2008. I just need to come up with $100 more dollars for the 16 GB version!

P.S. An iMac G4 is ALWAYS great to have- so very versatile! I'd put Leopard in it and enjoy it.
I like the imac G4 but I like towers because they're upgradable and I like laptops but in the middle isn't what I want.
I dont really know ... I WANT IT ALL !

But i doubt that will happen, eh ?

But errrm.... I will probably get an LC 5XX ... (575 i think.. one of the AIO)
the only two apple products that i really want are the mac plus, my first computer that my parents sold when they switched to windows 95, and an fourth gen ipod, because i always thought they looked and felt the best, besides my beloved touch of course. if i find others that are a good deal (meaning free or very cheap) i would certainly take them in, but right now, those are all that i want to pick up at some point.
I'm on the hunt for a IIfx, a 512k, 512ke and a 128k.
the thing that i want most is the new Mac Pro tower . buuut it costs around 26,000 dollars if i got it fully upgraded what a dream machine sorry not retro but i would love an original mac like the one i had in 4th grade i think it was a 512ke we used to play the game that you adjust the canon at different angles and power levels to try and hit your opponent. and the game that you bounce the ball off the paddle and hit the bricks to advance to the next level. ahh those were the good days
Well, I just got mine ! It's a genuine black PM 5500/275 and a black PM 5500/225 too - immediately updated into another 275 MHz computer by using a board out of a slaughtered 6500. Both with TV/Radio-card - digital stereo hifi recording in 1997 ! One of them with 40GB for a lot of iTunes-tunes...
Next one to dream of is an iMac "Flower Power"
Haha. Steve probably should've stayed out of the design dept. on the iMac G3's. I have the "Blue Dalmatian". Cool, but REALLY odd.
I saw a Performa 200 on eBay this week, but the price was too high. It is physically and functionally no different then a Classic II. But I want one for my collection nonetheless.
probably either a apple III or a 128k




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