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I received an email from a coworker about a retiring professor trying to retrieve data off of old computers. Our central IT was unable to assist due to the age of the machines. I received an email that this professor was trying to move files from a 10.2, 10.4, and NeXT computer. My heart skipped a beat after that last one. Moving the vintage Mac files would be no problem because I keep those tools handy. I've never seen a working NeXT computer before though.

I immediately went to the professor's office and he showed me what he was trying to do. We talked a little bit about vintage hardware and I told him that I'd never seen a working NeXT before. Unlike the demanding tenured professors who want what they want when they want it (you know the type), this person could not have been more affable, kind, and good hearted. After talking a while he said he would rather have the hardware saved than go to scrap per university policy. In the interest of archiving his data and this magnificent hardware I will be cooperating with him to save this NeXT computer. I've also agreed to save the Mac Cube and Power Macintosh G3. Twist my arm.

I decided to document everything in place before moving it all to my office. That includes the NeXT computer, original manuals, flyers, software, printers, accessories, and even the original boxes.

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