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People need to start out bidding me on Ebay! I ended up with two PB 190 and one PB 190cs for 80 bucks including shipping. When they arrived, I could get the two 190s to whimper a little when I poked them with a stick, but 190cs was dead. I reasoned the PRAM battery was shot on all three of them, but this one was totally dead. Well, I ordered three new ones at 10 bucks a pop. (Yeah, I COULD fix the old ones, but $10 a pop? Jump on it!) I also got a couple of 65 watt charges, since the 45 watt one i had wasn't cutting the mustard.and I got a new battery pack, too. Since I never tore down a 190 before, I decided to dissect the 190cs.

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Comment by Powerusin MacMac on February 26, 2012 at 2:04am



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