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Running Total Replay 32MB volume of 200 games for the Apple II.

What makes this special is these are ~200 particularly well liked games that started life as DOS 3.3 floppy titles. Here they have been cracked cleanly (no crack screens, nothing missing), converted to the more recent ProDOS OS (incompatible with DOS 3.3) in order to take advantage of larger volume support (32MB) -- and that means and score writes to disk had to be edited in the machine code to work, put together with a front end launcher that lets you browse through all the games seeing title screen and even screenshots of the game before you load, along with photorealistic scans of game boxes (if you are running on the Apple IIgs which has 4096 colors, etc.). These are presented as a single 32MB volume that can be easily mounted in a variety of ways on different Apple II computers and emulators.

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