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Vintage Computer Festivals March On | KansasFest and VCF East, 2012 Editions

Old computers never really die, they just get passed on to grandkids and collectors. Likewise old computer users never die, they just don’t get out as much as they used to. The internet is an unfriendly place for 8 bit processors and dialup modems.

To help relive old memories and make new ones, several festivals dedicated to computers with no commercial…


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WebSE at !

Read Leanders article about the WebSE System 7 Online Simulation at…


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Macintosh SE Bootpict Collection

One of my Mac SE boot picts - here is my collection for your classic Mac, can also be used as Mac SE desktop background.

Or download the collection in an…


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It's so strange.

I don't really belong to this world. I don't have a shred of loyalty to Apple, as I feel that they don't give a single damn about me and what I'd want.

All they want to do is get developers to leave behind last week's OS version, thus forcing people to buy new trinkets. Screw that. There's nothing wrong with 10.4, 10.3... Hell...

Even 9 still rules.

Developers need to realize that. Stop targeting the absolute newest…


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It's all terrible

Not sure why these things exist.

Unprotected M4A is purchased from iTunes. Won't play. Says it needs stupid authorization.

Sorry, can't do that, Crapple won't allow me to authorize using iTunes 4. Why does this garbage exist? Who else remembers the good old days before all this useless mess?

Added by Julian Chase on March 10, 2012 at 8:57pm — 2 Comments



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