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March 2013 Blog Posts (12)

Legos Apple II

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Image of Steve Jobs on bubble wrap

This guy uses an injection process to create images on bubble wrap.

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iPad won't make you go completely paperless

Funny commercial

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Creating and managing multiple iTunes libraries

How to create a new iTunes library

First we'll need to create an iTunes library for each person that's using that computer by performing the following steps:

Completely quit iTunes and make sure it is not running in the background. Now hold down either alt/option on your Mac or Shift on your PC and click to open iTunes again.

You'll notice instead of opening, iTunes is now asking you to either create a new library or navigate to an existing one. Click on the Create… Continue

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Other useful uses for Apple's earbuds

Control iTunes:

Click the center button once to launch iTunes application in OS X

Start playing a song with a center button click

Pause the currently playing song with a center click

Skip to the next song with by double-tapping the center button

Go back a song by triple-clicking the center button

System volume up and system volume down are controlled by pressing the + and – buttons

Activate Siri:

Press and hold the center Earbud button… Continue

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Display owner contact information on iOS lockscreen

Although iOS doesn’t specifically provide an “Owner Information” feature, if you’re concerned about losing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you can easily create your own version simply by using a custom lock screen wallpaper. Simply take your favourite wallpaper image and load it up in Photoshop or a similar image editing tool, and add whatever text you want, such as a name or contact number. Be sure to place the text within the general center area of the image so that it doesn’t get obscured… Continue

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Artmix store on eBay

Artmix is selling compact flash to SCSI converter cards for PowerBooks and other retro Macs. These are useful to replace old hard drives with compact flash cards.

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Recommended iPhone apps




PDF Expert





Printer… Continue

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Cydia tweaks to have

%hook's law
NC Settings

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Quickly acces saved drafts in Mail app

Launch Mail app

Press and hold the Compose button (button located on bottom right corner)

Mail will launch a list of saved drafts

Tap on draft of your choice

Source: iMore

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How to calibrate the iPhone home button

Open the Stocks app

Press and hold the lock button until the slide to power off notification

Release the lock button

Press and hold the home button until the Stocks app appears

Release the home button

The Stocks app will close on its own

The home button is now calibrated

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Like new in box Classic II on eBay

here is the auction.

The Classic is like new, and complete with the box, cables and manuals. It even has a vinyl dust cover for the CPU and keyboard. Shipping box-in-box is pretty expensive, so keep an eye on the shipping cost when bidding.…


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