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Pismo and Passion: Your Mighty Muse

Passion. Passion finds it's way into may aspects of life. Passion in Love. Passion in Vocation. Passion in Art. Passion in Food. Passion in Computers. It's hard to keep up passion. That's why Shakespeare would have a muse. Uncouth as it is, his muse (or muses) would keep him inspired and driven. For a while at least. Which goes to highlight that nothing can keep our passions at a manic level indefinitely. Nor is passion supposed to. We move on. Something else catches our eye.... as Paul Simon… Continue

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Apple Has Yet To Acknowledge A Problem....

"Apple has yet to acknowledge a problem"

From the iBook's perpetual video chip problem to the 1.25 Ghz 15 inch G4 Aluminum Powerbook's Top Ram Slot failures, there are a host of malfunctions that have plagued certain Apple Products. Many times, to the dissapointment of it's users Apple has refused to recognize the problems. And there seems one more very sad problem that yet today "Apple has yet to acknowledge....." Steve Job's health.

This month at the World Wide… Continue

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Horses, Apples And The Essence Of Pismology

The fact that Pismo, an 8 year old computer, draws so much admiration and has such a high value in 2008 is due partly to it's superior componantry, and partly to it's timeless emotional design. Macs have always outweighed PC's in speed. A 400mhz Mac is much faster than a 400mhz PC. Bench tests prove this. There are several key reasons why... but allow me to summarize in this way..... Vista and Tiger, two "newer" Operating systems by "PC" and Mac. Vista is a 20gb install with so many knots and… Continue

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Apple Laptops and the "Port" Authority

You may or may not agree, but Apple's Pismo Powerbook G3 is still a widely used Notebook... notably due to it's speed and componentry. Pismo's garner a unique audience. Some are curious PC users, some are upgrading from a previous Powerbook or iBook, some are G5 or even Intell Mac Users looking for a fun reliable laptop. Whomever you are, Pismo is a rich and enjoyable experience that will not leave you a step behind. It's a current and bona fide attractive laptop that will actually get you… Continue

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A Conjectured History of the Lime Green iBook

The fact that this, the Clamshell iBook is so adored is a testament to the fervor and passion Apple has created within it's legions of devotés. The Clamshell iBook is a wonderfully carved slice of technology. Those who have never held and operated one probably look upon it's presence with curiosity. It holds no substantial similarity to any other laptop created by Apple. It's off-spring, the ubiquitous iBook "Dual USB", carried over only the durable white plastic skin. It's only real cousin is… Continue

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