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Conversational German for the Mac User: II

Das Macbook Air sieht magersüchtig aus, deswegen würde ich es nicht kaufen. Ich mag meine Laptops wie meine Fräulein, dick mit großen Behaglichkeitskurven.

The Macbook Air looks like it is starving and that is why I’m not buying one. I like my laptops like my women, thick with huge comfy curves.

Umsatteln zu einem Macintosh? Und wo hast du diese Schnapsidee gekriegt?

Switching to a Macintosh? Where did you get that crazy idea?

Die Sage ist, dass Windows 7 (sieben) in… Continue

Added by Ken on January 29, 2008 at 11:58am — 9 Comments

Another One Bites the Dust

One of the unfortunate truths of my part-time job is that I have to put older Macs out to pasture. Right now I'm installing 10.4 on a G3 400 Mhz Graphite iMac that was used by one of my professors. She still was using OS 9.2 up until last week. After all the data is wiped clean this machine will most likely sit in a corner until it is consigned to the disposal facility across the street. It costs the university money to dispose of this "obsolete" machine. It would make more sense and cents to… Continue

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MacBook Air's Appendix

With no physical media drive on the Gestalt of the MacBook Air unit, one has to wonder what function it serves. Gizmodo has just done a funny writeup on the potential for the MacBook Air's awkward Eject key.

Before flaming, yes, I know about the USB Superdrive for 99 clams.

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But Nobody Told Me!

Whilst listening to the aural sensation that is RetroMacCast episode 54 my ears were atwitter at the 24:47 mark hearing my RMC Social Network handle "Mac OS Ken." I wasn't in California this last week. Had another overdose of Diet Mountain Dew and wanton eBay scouring into the wee hours of the morning resulted in yet another psychotic break? What the?

It turns out there is another "Mac OS Ken" out there on the internwebs. It appears as though the real "… Continue

Added by Ken on January 19, 2008 at 2:04pm — 1 Comment



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