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Conversational German for the Mac User

Ich würde sagen, dass Windows Benutzer ein bisschen masochistisch sind.

Ich would say that Windows users are a little masochistic.

Ich bin in meinem Macintosh verliebt.

I am in love with my Macintosh.

Darf ich das Licht zeigen? Es heißt OS X.

May I show you the light? It is called OS X.

Ich habe keine Lust Windows Crashsimulator 98 zu spielen.

I don't want to play Windows Crash Simulator 98.

Ich bin nicht schwul, aber ich würde eine Ausnahme… Continue

Added by Ken on December 28, 2007 at 1:49pm — 2 Comments

Christmas Haul

First off a round of my applause for my mother who, despite having children in their mid-twenties, still spoils them on Christmas. This year the center of our living room had a mountain of paper five feet high. I did get some Mac goodies.

  • Elgato eyeTV Hybrid - for watching/recording HDTV on my main Mac
  • 1gb RAM to add to my machine
  • Ion iTTUSB05 Turntable to import vinyl into Garageband

Then of course there's the other goodies...

  • 2x Wii…

Added by Ken on December 26, 2007 at 1:37pm — 2 Comments


I'm doing inventory of Windows machines right now. I'm using two
different pieces of inventory software on a USB drive. Every three
machines give me an error message to the effect of "This program must
be run from a USB drive." Sigh...

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Here's what I've got on my agenda now that the fall 2007 semester is over.
  1. File away the Apple IIe I restored. I live in a college dorm room so there isn't much space when I wrap something up.
  2. Finish making a 5.25 Floppy Archive before February. I will be using my IIgs to accomplish this before the spring 2008 semester begins.
  3. Restore the Atari 2600, Sega Master System, and Coleco Gemini units I've got laying around. Not really Mac, but definitely retro.

Added by Ken on December 17, 2007 at 2:41pm — 2 Comments



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