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On TARDISES or TARDI or however you spell that.

Ummmmm - the little glass VW Beatle ornament is not a permanent item on the TARDIS console. It was put there temporarily to keep a three year old from playing with it. Also, the figures are not arranged right now. I just got a BUNCH of them for Christmas, so they got thrown in quickly amidst the normal figures set up (again TEMPORARILY) until I got a chance to set them up on the top shelf. It really does look better than that normally! I didn't realize he was going to be showing it during the… Continue

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Gene Simmons never had a personal computer growing up.

I made a picture!! It's not great but it'll do! Or at least, it'll do until my graphic designer husband makes me a better one. My first computer was a Tandy. Well, my first computer was a Commodore 64 but all I did on that was play games so it doesn't count. I am amazed thinking back to that old Tandy and its 128K and floppy disks. :)

It was a good computer.
But if I could have had it, though, I'd have gotten a Banana, Jr.

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Feels Just Like I'm Posting for the First Time

Apologies to the BareNaked Ladies for messing with their lyrics!

Hello and nice to meet everyone! What do you put in these first posts? I never know. I'm actually not much of a computer person. In fact, I'm practically a neoluddite. Technology does tend to break down around me; my friends say I have a techno-field. I joke about slowly turning into a superhero with the ability to control static electricity (seriously, I somehow manage to collect a lot of it - I would say it's… Continue

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