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Macworld Expo 2009 T-2 Days

Each of the previous years I've attended Macworld Expo, I've nervously made plans to arrive the day before the keynote. If anything were to go wrong, I wouldn't risk missing Monday registration and therefore, I'd miss the keynote too. This year I decided to fly in a day early and not risk it. This would have to be the year Steve Jobs isn't delivering the keynote. The flights today were trouble-free and I took care of getting my badge this afternoon. …


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Lots of forums for classic Mac folks

I keep discovering havens of old Mac fans, but I never seem to remember to visit them regularly. To help me get around to them more frequently, I'm going to keep track of their locations in this blog post. Here's a start

68k Macintosh Liberation Army Forums

MacRumors Apple Collectors

Apple Discussions:… Continue

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RetroChallenge 2008: A-ONE Powers On

I got pretty lucky and located a universal AC/DC adapter I already owned. It works perfectly for the A-ONE, which requires 12V and a 2.1 mm barrel connector. I connected a PS/2 keyboard I got with an old HP computer I bought a few years ago to play PC games. Finally, I connected the composite video from the A-ONE to a Pinnacle USB HD TV tuner I already owned (I was going to use my El Gato EyeTV Hybrid, but I couldn't find the composite cable for it.). Fortunately, the EyeTV software recognizes… Continue

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RetroChallenge 2008: Unboxing the ACHATZ A-ONE Apple I Replica

My first challenge in working with the A-ONE was to locate it. I purchased it over a year ago, and because Macca was remodeled since then, I was uncertain as to its location. With over 100 computers in Macca alone, you can imagine what a challenge that would be in and of itself. Fortunately, I got lucky and found the box after rummaging through a few drawers. The unboxing isn't as dramatic as something like a new MacBook Air, but to fully document my progress, that is a good place to begin.… Continue

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Assistive Technology Freestyle Tablet

I received a pair of these in the mail today, and although they weren't advertised as functioning and sold "as is", they booted just fine with the addition of a power adapter I have from a PowerBook 5300. They are in both in pretty good physical shape. One is missing the battery door, and both are missing their rear port door. These are really interesting computers, and I plan to do a more detailed segment on a future podcast episode. I am having trouble finding more about their history. So… Continue

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Episode 63 Delayed

if you're wondering where the next episode is, it is delayed until at least Monday. I'm in Chicago this weekend so John and I will record Moday afternoon.

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Webcams for Older Macs

A friend of mine asked me if had a spare iSight camera to sell him. He was looking to setup iChat but was alarmed at what iSight cameras are fetching these days ($200+). That got us both on the hunt for a suitable alternative. Unfortunately, none of them match the elegance of the iSight design, but there are at least are some choices which will work. This page gives a pretty good description of all the options: Apple Mac Web Cam Video… Continue

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I received a Power Macintosh G4 "Yikes" in the mail yesterday. It was $40 + shipping so I figured why not? I have a Sawtooth and thought that was good enough to represent the first generation of G4 Macs, but Yikes is a little bit of a different animal with the PCI bus and the low-end 350 MHz processor. It will require a little cleaning and there are some hairline cracks in the case, so it is no where near perfect.

Upon startup, I got no video and no chime so I got to work. First I… Continue

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"Welcome to Macintosh" Screening

Mac fans and documentarians Josh and Rob, who are getting ready to release "Welcome to Macintosh", invited me to attend an early screening this week in Los Angeles. Since the operating budget of the podcast doesn't include round-trip flights to California, I was fortunate to to be in the LA area thanks to a trip for my job. The screening was held in a small theater on a lot at Paramount Studios. The audience were coworkers and friends of Josh and Rob, many of whom screened the film in… Continue

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Cheers for a Macintosh Fanatic

T-Mobile Big-5 Conference Denver, Colorado 28-31 January 2008

This week I got to participate in something I would have never guessed could have resulted from collecting a bunch of obsolete computers. It all started because T-Mobile had contacted Jeremy Mehrle to see if he would be interested in speaking to T-Mobile managers from the perspective of a product/company fanatic. You might remember Jeremy's name because of his amazing collection of Apple computers showcased in his… Continue

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Another Expo is over...

The morning started off slow, but things definitely picked up by mid morning and it was hopping into the afternoon. Many people stopped by to see the Mac relics we had on display, but quite a few came by to find out about Macs as an option for them. By the time we had our session in the afternoon, we had gathered a full room of interested expo attendees. I'm guessing we had at least 50 people listening to our presentation. It went very well and I recorded the audio. I'm going to attempt to… Continue

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RetroMacCast on location at the OWC Computer Expo

After seeing me in our local paper when I was interviewed about my computer collection, the organizers for our local computer expo contacted me about representing the Macintosh for them. John has joined me and we are now sitting at our booth at the expo. Thankfully, we have internet access here so I'll be able to keep myself busy. Early indications suggest attendance will be low. In fact, looking around I see only two other booths. One is a local computer club and the other is a friend of… Continue

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Exhausted and the day is not over

It has been such a busy day and we still have the Macworld party to attend this evening. We'll save our analysis of the keynote for the podcast, but in brief, it couldn't compare to last year's but I believe we had a lot of good stuff presented. It was great to meet Kathy and Jordan, two of our listeners, who made it to the Expo this year.

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So far so good

John and I arrived at our regional airport just before 5 a.m. this morning to catch the first leg of our journey to San Francisco to attend Macworld Expo 2008. WiFi must be catching on because even our tiny little airport has free access. Yes, I could have written this using my iPhone, but you can't beat the big screen and full mechanical keyboard of a proper notebook computer. We should be arriving at SFO at 1 this afternoon. Our only must-do today is to get to Moscone Center to register and… Continue

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RetroMacCast gets reviewed?

I was surprised to see that another podcast thought enough of our podcast to give us a review. Stroll on over to That Podcast Show ( and listen to Episode 2 to hear what they had to say. I think all of their criticisms are accurate. We certainly can improve!

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First Blog Post

How's that for a creative title? I'm not sure if and how I might use this blog feature of this new website. With all the options for expressing yourself these days, it's hard to pick just one and then commit to it. Then there is the issue of whether or not anybody even cares what you are thinking. For now, I'll only say that I've been enjoying the early start of the RMC Social Networking experiment, and I look forward to getting to know other Macintosh enthusiasts a little better and bringing… Continue

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