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Lots of forums for classic Mac folks

I keep discovering havens of old Mac fans, but I never seem to remember to visit them regularly. To help me get around to them more frequently, I'm going to keep track of their locations in this blog post. Here's a start

68k Macintosh Liberation Army Forums

MacRumors Apple Collectors

Apple Discussions:… Continue

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RetroChallenge 2008: A-ONE Powers On

I got pretty lucky and located a universal AC/DC adapter I already owned. It works perfectly for the A-ONE, which requires 12V and a 2.1 mm barrel connector. I connected a PS/2 keyboard I got with an old HP computer I bought a few years ago to play PC games. Finally, I connected the composite video from the A-ONE to a Pinnacle USB HD TV tuner I already owned (I was going to use my El Gato EyeTV Hybrid, but I couldn't find the composite cable for it.). Fortunately, the EyeTV software recognizes… Continue

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RetroChallenge 2008: Unboxing the ACHATZ A-ONE Apple I Replica

My first challenge in working with the A-ONE was to locate it. I purchased it over a year ago, and because Macca was remodeled since then, I was uncertain as to its location. With over 100 computers in Macca alone, you can imagine what a challenge that would be in and of itself. Fortunately, I got lucky and found the box after rummaging through a few drawers. The unboxing isn't as dramatic as something like a new MacBook Air, but to fully document my progress, that is a good place to begin.… Continue

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