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Someone in the family decided to upgrade from a Power Mac G4 quicksilver to an octocore Intel Mac Pro. In exchange for getting him set up with parallels I got the G4. I could just put it somewhere as a decorative piece (the case is like new), but I wouldn't be part of the retromac gang if I didn't think of a way to put it to work. So how did I set it up ? The machine was still running 10.1, at first I wanted to keep it that way but soon determined upgrading to Tiger was the way to go. So after minimalising the install (to have some space left on the internal 40GB HD) and going through the installation I hooked it up to an old snow airport base station (which sadly enough doesn't support WDS) and my kick-ass Setton amplifier. I highly doubt I'll listen to it that often since I'm totally hooked on vinyl records and have to switch networks to control it over leopard's integrated remote desktop (might look into buying a cheap airport card) , but still ... I now have a beautiful G4 Quicksilver Jukebox in my room.

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