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So this is what "Non Existent Theme" is. The song was written by me on sheet music when I took a piano class long ago. Around 1990 I found a discount music program called MUSIC WORKS that ran on my Mac Plus. I re-noted the entire song on the music works program and had it saved as a Music Works recording. After that the song sat on a floppy disc, syquest and other media for years.

Last year after installing Mini vMac on my Power Mac G4, I had the contents of my Mac Plus hard drive installed as a virtual volume to Mini vMac. This software allowed my G4 to emulate a Mac Plus System 6.08 window in my G4. The Music Works program worked and so did the song.

I had the song loop 3 times from within the Mini vMac emulator and had the music re-recorded with Audio Hijack Pro. Saved it out to AIFF and actually had 2 copies of a CD single issued. Converted the file to MP3 and originally had the song uploaded to my old Mac site at

The site was accidentally deleted earlier this year and the song never got reposted until now.

Song may be very nauseating! After all it was originally 8-bit audio. No Garage Band used to make this.

The song is available for listening and download in the window to your left... I think,

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