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Conversational German for the Mac User III

• Ein Modem? Was zum Teufel ist ein Modem?
• What the devil is a modem?
• Das Akronym RTFM hat keine richtige deutsche Übersetzung.
• The acronym RTFM has no real German translation.
• Die Schnittstelle von Leopard ist leicht auf den Augen.
• The interface of Leopard is light on the eyes.
• Hast du deinen Steve Jobs Rollkragen mitgebracht?
• Did you bring your Steve Jobs turtleneck?
• Computer Problemen? Haben Sie ein Macintosh als ein Upgrade überlegen?
• Computer problems? Have you considered upgrading to a Macintosh?

The German language has been borrowing from English extensively over the past 50+ years. Many Computer terms are identical to their English counterparts, with the exception of the addition of a gender. For example the word "Computer" carries a masculine gender. "Modem" on the other hand has a neutral gender. There are many terms that have true German translations.

*** Any corrections / suggestions are always welcome.***

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Comment by luka on February 19, 2008 at 2:35pm
The first statment isn't right. Der doesn't belong in front of teufel, zum does.

Was zum Teufel ist ein Modem?
Comment by Ken on February 19, 2008 at 3:08pm
Thanks! Correction made.


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