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Horses, Apples And The Essence Of Pismology

The fact that Pismo, an 8 year old computer, draws so much admiration and has such a high value in 2008 is due partly to it's superior componantry, and partly to it's timeless emotional design. Macs have always outweighed PC's in speed. A 400mhz Mac is much faster than a 400mhz PC. Bench tests prove this. There are several key reasons why... but allow me to summarize in this way..... Vista and Tiger, two "newer" Operating systems by "PC" and Mac. Vista is a 20gb install with so many knots and kinks that it can make even the newest PC's run aggravatingly slow. TIGER (10.4)... A 4GB install. Tiger actually makes the 8 year old Pismo run faster. Now understand that the same people that program Operating systems work within the same "mindset" as the hardware they produce for.

But beyond the bench test....Mac's have personality that transcends the physical constraints of the casing and circuitry. There is a "personality" that can be embodied within it. Mac users become emotionally attached to their computers. Is this strange....? No more strange than the relationship people can have with their cars.

Take a look at the white Apple on the Lid of Pismo.... When you open up a the computer... the Apple is upside down. The only time it's "in the correct position" is when the user approaches it to open it up. As if the Pismo is saying.... "Welcome, come in and enjoy" Windows users walk into the WIFI bar, look at this and say...."why the h*** is the Apple upside down" When the last Pismo rolled out the door in January of 2001 and the Titanium G4 made it's debut at the 2001 MacWorld conference, Apple no longer placed the icon in a User Facing position.

I don't believe that flipping the Apple was an easy decision. Nor do I believe everyone was in agreement. And this is not a silly point to be bringing up..... Back in the 1960's FORD Motor Company was finishing the last details of the Ford Mustang. Heading the design and concept of the vehicle was Lee Iacocca. The last element of contention was the metal emblem of the mustang horse on the front grill. Should it face running left, or should it face running right. Most said that it should be facing the right.... it just seamed correct. Iacocca however, and a few others, thought that the horse should face running to the left. He distilled his impressions into this... a horse running to the right connotes a horse race, but a horse running to the left connotes a "wild" horse... free and untamed. That was exactly the spirit of the Mustang. And today still, the horse faces left.

For Jobs... the little white Apple was to become more than just the icon on the lid... it was to become the company's essence... a holistic echo of their design language, and a carry over of the essence of Pismo. Jobs wished for the white Apple logo to be come a "selling symbol" for Mac quite the same way the Mustang was for Ford. So product continuity was needed if Apples were to sell themselves to all others who looked upon them. Jobs is, after all, in the business to make money as much as he is out to rule the world.

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Comment by Kathryn on June 13, 2008 at 12:09am
Nice. I am very impressed with my Pismo. I understand what you mean by 'emotional design' when I look between my G4, and my Pismo. The G4 just feels like 'business' but the Pismo makes you want to write and touch the keyboard.


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