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RetroChallenge 2008: Unboxing the ACHATZ A-ONE Apple I Replica

My first challenge in working with the A-ONE was to locate it. I purchased it over a year ago, and because Macca was remodeled since then, I was uncertain as to its location. With over 100 computers in Macca alone, you can imagine what a challenge that would be in and of itself. Fortunately, I got lucky and found the box after rummaging through a few drawers. The unboxing isn't as dramatic as something like a new MacBook Air, but to fully document my progress, that is a good place to begin.

The package includes the users manual, A-ONE single board computer, and CD-ROM. Missing from the box and what I'll be needing are a power supply, serial cable, RCA video cable, display, and PS/2 keyboard. Fortunately, I have one PS/2 keyboard in the house (among dozens and dozens of ADB keyboards) and a power supply -- somewhere. The RCA cable is no problem and I should be able to track down a serial cable in the house too. I think I'll use my MacBook Air as the display by sending the signal through an EyeTV Hybrid from Elgato.

I began reading the A-ONE manual and examined the contents of the CD-ROM too.

There are a few great historical documents on the CD-ROM to include the original Apple I manual and BASIC users manual.

The next step is to find that power supply, connect a keyboard and the MacBook Air, and hope it will come alive.

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Comment by Wholly Mindless on July 4, 2008 at 9:10pm
Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing. Seeing the "Duck Feet" of Rockwell on that chip brings back memories.

What kind of power supply does it use?


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